Current recovered paper prices: March 25, 2018

Old corrugated container (OCC) and mixed paper prices remained weak but stable in late March, but traders continue to report strong markets for pulp substitutes.

An upward adjustment in the price of mixed paper has been made on our March 25 recovered paper price report – not necessarily because the market gained strength, but rather because several buyers and sellers said that there are sporadic mill purchases at a positive value, rather than zero. Our March 10 report reflected no value for baled mixed paper, although mills with contract obligations were paying for material.

According to a mill buyer in the Northeast U.S., “it seems that recyclers have been resourceful to move off some mixed paper, as I am not being pressured to take additional loads.”

Some traders around the country, except for the Pacific Northwest, have speculated that April prices for OCC and mixed paper might hold at present levels.

You can see the latest price sheet here.

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