The Paper Stock Report discontinued

It’s been more than a year since my wife, Amy, passed on unexpectedly, and I just realized that I haven’t officially closed the book on this website. A subscriber who is getting back into the business called to ask why my posted recovered paper prices hadn’t been updated since last year.

Amy was an essential part of The Paper Stock Report. She handled billing and circulation and often carried on conversations with many of our subscribers.

She loved to talk.

Here you can find an announcement about Amy’s passing, which was published in Composting News.

Here you can find details about how Amy’s passing may have been avoided had it not been for the criminals and cowards in the medical and pharmaceutical businesses: Pharmacists played God and my wife died.

Without Amy’s help and support – personal and professional – it was necessary to reduce my workload. Along with some of my freelance writing clients, I decided to terminate publication of The Paper Stock Report at the end of 2021.

The Paper Stock Report was the first product launched by McEntee Media Corp. when I started the business in February 1990 after working for almost three years at Recycling Today and the old Fibre Market News. I’ve enjoyed the relationships with paper recyclers over 31 years – especially the dwindling number of independent buyers and sellers who remained free to have straightforward, honest discussions about the market.

I am still active in covering the recycling business through Composting News, which I continue to publish and edit, and through MetalsRecycling Magazine, for which I am editor.

For those who have subscribed, advertised or provided useful market information over the years, thank you for your business, support and friendship.

Maybe I’ll see you somewhere down the road.

Ken McEntee


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